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At our studio, we provide a wide range of photography services, including portraits. Whether you would like a new family photo or you want to capture a memory with your newborn, book a consultation with our professional photographer today. Before each session, we provide a consultation to ensure every detail of the shoot is covered.

We provide a first-class service and offer photos of the highest quality that can be cherished forever. Book a session with us today.

Studio Portrait Sessions

For each sitting, the studio will be yours for 1 hour which includes your arrival and departure. Then, approximately 14 days later your images will be ready for studio viewing only.


Your family photoshoot will take place in a private, controlled environment so you can enjoy a fun, family experience! We advise that you all wear similar tones, avoid bright patterns and colours and more importantly, wear something that you feel comfortable in.


Photographing a newborn can take longer due to feeding, changing and their routines. Please ensure that you bring extra outfits, changing equipment and anything else that may be required. We have props that are available to use, but if you would like to use something in particular, please let us know when booking.

Cake Smash Or Themed Shoots

Here at Pin & Pose we love offering unique experiences to our clients, one of which is our cake smash or themed sessions. Our photographer will help you design your photo, and we can provide props, backdrops and suitable flooring to support your chosen theme.

Pet Photography

We can capture your pets with our professional photography services. We can offer stunning portraits that will show their personalities. With our years of experience, we can get the best from your animals and ensure they give the camera their full attention!

Memorial & Funeral Photography

We can document memorials and funerals so you can capture these memories with your loved ones and treasure them. We will be discreet and work sensitively throughout the day. 

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