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What Is 'Get In The Box'?

‘Get In The Box’ is a fun and exciting photography session we offer! Our studio has a white, backless cube that you climb inside to create a unique photoshoot. The white box is on a raised platform so it is not directly level to the floor. By having no back to the cube, this offers endless creativity as we can use virtual or physical backdrops for your session.

The concept of the box is the create a pigeon-hole effect with people inside. We will take a series of shots to produce a final piece of work that when edited will interact with the other adjoining boxes. With these sessions, there is no limit to the number of boxes that can be used, however we usually recommend 9 as this is best for printing.

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Availability & Booking

These sessions are available at our studio in Plymouth. ‘Get In The Box’ is a great idea for a unique family photoshoot, wedding keepsake, corporate event or charity fundraiser.

When booking particular aspects that need to be discussed, this will be done during the initial consultation. Furthermore, there are health and safety precautions to abide by when in use, so listening to our instructions is essential at all times.

Further Information

The box can hold several people at the same time – 8 is the current record! Children and pets are also allowed in the box, although they must be supervised at all times.

Furthermore, the box can be themed and you can use props as part of the shoot, but this must be discussed in advance.

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