Mrs Caroline Shapiro

Pin and Pose


This "super" model is my youngest daughter who has ADHD, ASD, Tourette's and teenage hormones 🙈 (she's 13).

From a young age her social interaction and communication needs have played a massive part of confusion in her development, her brain has an overload of data at times and struggles to cope.

Posting this image creates attention and shows the busy, they hyper, the rebel, the black and white with a hint of colour that clouds her thoughts. It also shows that at times she is a different person (3 conditions = 3 different behaviours = 3 people, but is just one person).

Art comes in many forms just like us. There is a variety of levels and abilities within the industry and nobody conforms to the rules as they are really guidelines only. This is what makes us individuals.

There are times when she's says she's not normal! ............ but I say "what is normal?". There's nothing wrong with being, seeing or doing different to anyone else. 

Distraction (the colour within the image) and concentration (trying to make sense of the image) are two activities that also prove challenging even at the best of times for a young child becoming a woman and trying to tackle everyday life in the big world.

I am very proud of who she is becoming ......... her personality outshines any difficulties. I love who she is.

5th September 2017